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TMC Player Reviews: Armageddon

Review Submitted By: Violette
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: September 2006
Submission Date: Apr 2, 2007
TMC Listing: Armageddon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Violette] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I was searching for a free mud that implemented rich crafting, depth
and originality. In my searching, I stumbled upon something called
Armageddon, but didn't try it out because of negative associations
with a movie by the same name, thinking it had something to do with
fighting aliens and other superficial stuff. Never did I imagine that
this game had the depth and richness I was searching for, but couldn't
find. A few months later, a forum poster suggested I give Armageddon a
try.... Little did I know that a new love affair had just begun!

What kind of love was this, though? It was rowdy, harsh,
unpredictable, plus there were no colors. (What kind of girl can stand
love without colors??) The world of Zalanthas was beckoning me.
Desert, dry, corrupted. I was a tad scared just reading the
descriptions of the mud! (I'm a touchy feely type) Vulgar language
was allowed, the nobles (played by mortal players like you and me)
controlled the commoners, magick and magickers (also played by mere
mortals) feared like death, and the world beyond towns and cities -
inhospitable and downright frightening. YET.... I loved the prospect
of it. Why? Because I could control everything my character did AND I
could affect the environment and the course of the history, economy
and politics of the game.

I can't begin to describe the road that this love affair paved for
me - the process of application, the heplfulness of the 'helpers'
and the community, learning the emoting system, or how when I finally
got a grip of the technical side of the game, I lost myself in the
moment and truely felt as if the character became me as I immersed
myself in another world. (It may be just a parallel world in an
alternate Universe, for all we know)

I hope many new Armageddon love affairs begin soon :)

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Comment Submitted By: Violette
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: 09/2006
Submission Date: Apr 11, 2007

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Violette] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I want to add one very IMPORTANT detail:
Most other muds, be they roleplay-intensive or not, that I have
visited or played, have something missing. It may be nothing more than
a subtle, negative vibe that sets an unpleasant tone to a Mud.
Armageddon has none of this, and I have just realized that. Arm is one
of a very few handful of Muds that is extraordinarily successful in
that regard. The atmosphere is always perfect and there is never
anything missing. Thank you, devs - I feel privileged to play this