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TMC Player Reviews: Armageddon

Review Submitted By: slvrtiger
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: Mid 1990's
Submission Date: Nov 20, 2013
TMC Listing: Armageddon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [slvrtiger] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've been playing Armageddon off and on since the mid 1990's. When real life
hits I stop playing but always return when I can. I have, until recently, always
found Armageddon to be a fun relaxing way to get over the stress of the day.
The game is a beautiful world, allowing for you basically to have a PC that
you can dictate how they act and what befalls them, as long as its kept IC.
Roleplay for the most part is always great and well handled. Staff usually
are quite fair and very responsive when you need help. They also try to
take the time to explain how you could do things better. The staff is quite
dedicated and spen a lot of their volunteer time to make Armageddon a
great game.

Like I said in the first part of the review I usually have found that its been
a fun and relaxing way to get rid of the stress of a day. This has recently
changed. Certain members of the staff seem to want to ruin the general
day-to-day life when some PCs start getting too good. This I perfectly
understand. Armageddon is a harsh world and I expect things to happen.
However, recently a situation has arisen where a certain staff member
decided to do this by ways of using OOC (admin eyes) information in an
IC way of an NPC they were animating. This in my eyes is completely
unacceptable. Staff prides themselves on making sure players do not mix
OOC and IC information, for them to do this is appalling.

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