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TMC Player Reviews: Armageddon

Review Submitted By: Random
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: few years
Submission Date: Jan 4, 2015
TMC Listing: Armageddon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Random] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

It's a great place to play, honestly, one of the deepest best experiences I've ever had.
In gaming, staff can be hit or miss some days,
but its rather forgivable as long as you approach them with a cool head.
They're human after all.
The world is rather harsh, documentation can be a bit over-whelming some days,
but all in all the mud is quality and its with stood the test of time.
If you have the heart for it and willing to sink some time into it.
It can be very rewarding.

The GDB (forums for the game) should be avoided at all costs besides for clan boards.
I will not discuss in length the things that plague the OOC community,
I recommend sticking to the game and trying to have fun there.
If you need help, use the helper chat option on the front page or
Send a request into staff if you have a question not answered in the documentations.

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