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TMC Player Reviews: Seattle 2064

Review Submitted By: Melin
Author Status: Player
Started on Seattle 2064: 8 oct, 2017
Submission Date: Oct 7, 2017
TMC Listing: Seattle 2064

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Melin] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

This may seem like an odd thing to complain about, but i made a black character
on this mud. Now, this mud is basically a crime simulator - it has coded
depictions of drug abuse, violence, and things like police shooting you if you
look too weird. Cyberpunk dystopia basically.

Now, most people who play shadowrun TT or otherwise make white or asian
characters, and the distinction in 'flavor' between characters are mostly
one of 'punk' vs. 'square', or as it's called 'pink mohawk' vs. 'black

So, i decided to make a black 'lowlife' criminal character, putting some effort
into descriptions and such. No different from a white mohawk-sporting punk
with a gun or whatever. I also decided to make him a decker, and have his
backstory be that he uses his appearance and behavior as a criminal part-time-
chiphead thug to mask his actual profession as a decker (computer hacker).

What happened a few minutes after i finished entering my description was that
an imm teleported me to a segregated room of some sort and asked me to enter
something that 'wasn't bullshit'.

When i asked what about my character's description was 'bullshit' the imm in
question simply banned me, without further discussion.

To clarify, i'm not one of those alt-right-people and i don't want to drag this
into some sort of 'SJW' territory, i think it's a bit more complex than that.

Just want to give a heads up to anyone connecting re. my experience. I like
Shadowrun and i like cyberpunk, and I'm used to GMs having very wide standards
of play. But people need to know what those standards are before coming to the
kitchen table, so to speak.

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Comment Submitted By: Hadrian
Author Status: Staff member
Started on Seattle 2064: System founding.
Submission Date: Dec 2, 2017

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Hadrian] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I will, as the system's administrator, address some of these points as I do
consider it ultimately my responsibility, regardless of which staff member is
involved in a situation.

1. 'punk' vs 'square' is not the difference of Pink Mohawk vs. Black Trenchoat.

It's the difference between ridiculous over-the-top and a more serious,
consequences and realism based approach. There's room for both, but the system
is much more heavily slanted towards the consequences side of thing. Big neon
outfit and gold-plated horns on your troll character? That's fine. Walking
around downtown in heavy security armor wielding a shotgun? Not fine.
(heavy armor is illegal, as is weaponry for most of the populace, especially
in the AAA-security zones, which downtown largely is).

2. 'i decided to make a black 'lowlife' criminal character' - That's fine.

2a 'asked me to enter something that 'wasn't bullshit'.'

Yeah, that's right. Because while there is racism in the world, it's the SIXTH
world, and racism based on a person's color is long obsolete, because it's now
largely Us vs. Them, and They are metahumans. Orks, trolls, elves, dwarves
(trogs, keebs, etc) are the primary victims of racism, because humanity
(and they're ALL still human) is an ugly mess and has a newer, better target.

The 'bullshit' in question? Melin's room description. I keep logs of almost
everything that transpires while the system is up. I did not get a glance at
his full description, however, I can't comment on how much work might have
gone into it. It was done some time after the last round of backups and
he was gone before the next cycle.

Here's an (edited for identities) clip from that day (October 7th, 2017)
(2/2) (1013/301)

(2/2) (1013/301)
[STAFFPERSON]: A crack-ass nigga (Melin) is standing here.

(2/2) (1013/301)
[CONNLOG: [ 3502] Affadavit [x.x.x.x] has connected.]

(2/2) (1013/301)at melin look
[ 600] Inside a Cab [ !MOB, INDOORS, !QUIT]
Dingy-looking stuffing leaks from large tears in the sticky synthleather
seats. The windows are caked with grime and a faint aroma of mingled sweat and
vomit wafts up from the sticky floor. This beat-up, rattly heap may not win
the Worst Cab in Seattle contest, but it should at least be one of the
[ Exits: None! ]
A small rusty sign is pinned to the seat in front of you.
(STAFFPERSON) is standing here.
A crack-ass nigga (Melin) is standing here.
A cab driver is standing here.

(2/2) (1013/301)shal melin
a crack-ass nigga's skills:
[driving/Car 1][computers 6][electronics 3]
[data brokerage 6][negotiation 6][corporate etiquette 6]
[street etiquette 6][computer B/R 6]

a crack-ass nigga's languages:
[English 8]

Melin's cyberware:
a chipjack -alpha Rating: 1 Essence: 0.16
a math SPU III Rating: 3 Essence: 0.20
a datajack Rating: 1 Essence: 0.20
an encephalon II Rating: 2 Essence: 1.50

Melin's bioware:
tailored pheromones II Rating: 2 Body Index: 0.60

a crack-ass nigga does not know any spells.

(2/2) (1013/301)
[Hadrian]: I leave their destruction entirely in your hands.

(2/2) (1013/301)
[WIZLOG: [35508] STAFFPERSON teleported Melin to The Corner]

(2/2) (1013/301)
[OTHERSTAFF]: well, have fun. I'm gonna go get something to eat and what not

(2/2) (1013/301)

(2/2) (1013/301)
[WIZLOG: [ 4] STAFFPERSON set Melin -> file melin delete on.]
The 'bullshit' was pretty obvious. A description is meant to be just that -
a basic descriptor of what somebody looks like. Melin's descriptor was
itself racism in action, because it makes the assumption everybody else
would think of him that way, which is not a fair assessment. It might
be fine in the modern-day ghettos, but not for the sixth world of SR's 3E.

3. 'the imm in question simply banned me, without further discussion.'

Also untrue. The character/file of Melin was deleted. There were no bans
put in place over this. What DID happen, is because STAFFPERSON executed
a couple commands incorrectly the system crashed right moments after the
file deletion was executed, resulting in an inability for anybody to get
reconnected for a couple minutes.

While it might surprise some, the staff at the MUD has consisted of both
men and women, and all of varying ethnicities, and barring the proper
situations (which this was not), you're not going to find them terribly
accepting of modern racial stereotype garbage.

And I, as the person in charge, tend to trust their judgement on
these matters.

Comment Submitted By: NotAnOrk
Author Status: Player
Started on Seattle 2064: Oct 2013
Submission Date: Dec 3, 2017

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [NotAnOrk] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

Consider yourself lucky.

There is something seriously wrong with Seattle2064. Even more than Awake2064.
Players have noted the admin spying on them. Being demeaned and insulted for
the most basic things like reporting a bug or trying to, gasp! Role Play! And
an overall condescending hostility towards players.

Among other issues.
There is a reason why the mud has only a handful of players and cannot retain
new players.