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TMC Player Reviews: STAR WARS: Age of Alliances Ep7-8 MUSH

Review Submitted By: Tarion Tavers
Author Status: Player
Started on STAR WARS: Age of Alliances Ep7-8 MUSH: September 2016
Submission Date: Dec 15, 2017
TMC Listing: STAR WARS: Age of Alliances Ep7-8 MUSH

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Tarion Tavers] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

SW: AoA is a great game. I've been playing here for over a year now
and I'm really glad I found it. OOC drama is at a minimum. The vast
majority of players are welcoming and friendly. The code system aids
with RP without bogging players down, and has quite a few neat little
features thrown in.

Code-wise, there is a full skill system that automatically handles
combat rolls that compare skills from both the attacker and the victim
and puts out damage (or a miss) based on your weapon, which consumes
ammo, and the victim's armor. There is a coded flight system, with a
coded trade mission system for hauling cargo. There are over 30 coded
planets you can fly to, a process that requires real time to complete.
There are coded professions that offer a weekly paycheck based on your
skills. Those are the main things worth mentioning.

RP wise, the playerbase on any given night is around 30-40
connections, most of them unique, and from morning EST into the night
there are plenty of opportunities for play. The grid is friendly,
welcoming, and varied, with options for group membership in just about
every Star Wars-y theme. Plots for the most part are player-run, and
anyone is welcome and encouraged to run their own plots and stories.

Staff is present and while they do not drive the majority of plots
(which may change as the Mush starts to enter the events of TFA), they
are helpful and present, active just about every single day for the
bulk of the day.

This is a really great game, and I would highly encourage you to
check out the wiki page and connect to say hello. If you like Star
Wars and you like RP, this is a good place to be.

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