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TMC Player Reviews: Sindome

Review Submitted By: Hour
Author Status: Player
Started on Sindome: A year ago?
Submission Date: Feb 15, 2018
TMC Listing: Sindome

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Hour] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I played Sindome for a year, and even towards the end of that year I
was enamored with the players and mechanics. Even if the mechanics
were (as I have recently discovered) pretty much unfinished.

My first six months of Sindome were pretty fun, infact I'd even go
as far as to say they were some of the most memorable RP experiences
I've ever had on an online medium. My next four months were probably
the worst experience I've ever had on an online medium. Allow me to
explain, briefly-- why.

There is nothing wrong with Sindome in it's community, at least in
my eyes the characters there are an array of various talents. Some
people avatar their characters but hey! We're all guilty of that to
some degree.

There isn't anything wrong with the mechanics either, even though
I've come to learn they were basically ripped from another MUD who
have actually developed a good deal of the 'lacking' bits --I'll go
into that later.* What there is a problem with, and what I -refused-
to believe there was a problem with for seven months, (because I'm
stubborn and do not listen to people who are not me). Is with the

I'm not going to name names because you can take a cursory glance
through Sindome's reviews and ascertain precisely what I -am- talking
about. The staff on Sindome, and I have been in some CANCEROUS
communities. (Search TnB, gmod RPing community, and realize the depth
of cancer I refer to). Are purely corrupt, and purely apathetic. They
do not care about SD with even the tangential affection someone who
uses it to ERP does. The members of staff who are not directly
fellating those above them, have become so jaded and more or less
apathetic to the enjoyment of their own game, that they refuse to
react with any level of what I'd dare to call humanity. There is no
love of storytelling, narrative, or character progress here. Instead,
you will find a combination of traits among the GM team that I would
say have become almost commonplace. There are those who puppet
all-powerful avatars of mechanical destruction who -cannot- be killed,
their status quo -cannot- be upset, and they are basically gods to the
rest of the player characters. There are GMs who will spawn in
powerful NPCs just to kill players they don't like.

Realize for seven months, I tried to justify this behavior to myself
because I was so in love with this game. I tried so desperately to
fool myself into thinking this sort of behavior was acceptable for GMs
to exhibit, and to persist in. I really did try to delude myself
because-- when I get going in a direction I tend to not stop until
I've accomplished what I set out to do.

Don't make the same mistakes I did.
Don't invest yourself, don't develop as deep of an infatuation with
it as I did only to find out that you've wasted your time.

*SD took it's codebase from a Mud called Cybersphere and in twenty
years haven't developed it even fractionally, as well as they have. If you're in love with SD's
mechanics, or the Cyberpunk genre I would beg you to try CS. It is
quite astounding in mechanical depth, and the GMs are actually quite

P.S. Keep in mind I invested 200$ into this game for private lodging
for my character, -real- money that I believed would go towards
development and am still leaving a negative review. Profound, right?

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Comment Submitted By: Slither
Author Status: Staff member
Started on Sindome: 2003
Submission Date: Aug 10, 2018

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Slither] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

Hi, I'm Slither. I've been playing Sindome since 2003 and I've
been a staff member since 2005. I'm one of the hightest ranking
members of the staff and I'm responsible for a lot of the code,
training, disciplinary action, and other stuff that goes on in the
game day to day and week to week.

It sounds like you had a bad experience with one of more staff
members on Sindome. I'm sorry to hear that.

For anyone reading this review, or any of the other reviews that come
from a similar line of thinking and experiences, I can't dismiss
everything that the reviewer said. There have been times, and specific
players, that have had contentious relationships with the staff
members on Sindome. Sometimes this was the fault of the staffer, who
mishandled a situation, sometimes it was the fault of the player,
sometimes there was fault on both sides.

It's always been my firm belief that most issues that players have
with the staff can be resolved by us simply taking the time to explain
the situation in as much detail as is required for the player and the
staffer to get on the same page. I encourage all the staff members to
take this approach. I train them (as much as my time allows) to use
this approach. I offer feedback after player interactions that I
witness that didn't go as well as I believe they could have. Still,
there are times when shit hits the fan so to speak. Someone is having
a bad day, someone pushes buttons, misunderstandings happen, or
sarcasm and tone don't translate well. It sucks, and we learn from
it. We try to be better.

However, to call our community (or even just the staff) cancerous, is
incorrect. Despite what people might think, no one on the staff is on
it because they want to play super powered characters that can kill
whoever they want and not have their status quo upset. We do not
accept people onto the staff that exhibit these traits and we do not
keep people on the staff that it becomes clear are after that kind of

I can understand why players, not seeing our side of the curtain
might jump to that conclusion. Bad ass NPCs show up and roll
characters. All attempts to kill an established NPC fail. It seems
like the GMs know everything that's going on and are using meta
information to get ahead of your characters actions.

Time and time again I see players present this issue. I wish I had a
better way to explain it but I will fall back on the explanation I
typically use. You are playing a cyberpunk game. Everyone around you
is smiling to your face and betraying you the moment you turn your
back. Information travels as fast as mind to mind communication
allows. There are always IC explanations and justifications for what
NPCs are doing and how they know about what -you- might be doing.
There are IC cameras everywhere, controlled by players and NPCs alike.
There are secret informants. There are uber NPCs who are not -meant-
to be beatable by characters less than 6 months old. Sindome is a game
that takes 3-4 years to get to 'max experience points'. And the bad
ass NPCs that are waiting for you when you get to that amount of
experience are designed to challenge even the most powerful player

Death on Sindome is like a punch in the face, both literally in how
it makes you the player feel and in the amount of damage it actually
does to your character compared to the real world. It's multi-death.
Before I became a GM I played a character who died 150 times in 2
years. It was great fun! 70% of those deaths were probably from NPCs.
That doesn't mean the GMs were out to get me, or power gaming, they
meant that whatever choices I made, I made the wrong ones, ICly.

To say that the staff doesn't care about the game is... well, it's
silly. I don't know how else to respond to that. The mere fact that
I've spent the last thirty minutes writing a response to this review.
The amount of time the GMs spend every day, working on the game, the
amount of emails the staff answers, and the amount of daily
communication between the staff... the posts on the forums... the
plotting before falling asleep-- it's, I mean, we obviously care.

As for our code base-- yep, 21 years ago Sindome split off from
Cybersphere due to irreconcilable differences in how the game should
be run. We've got nothing but love for Cybersphere-- and any
Cyberpunk game. They've gone far in directions we have only coded a
bit, and we've gone far in directions they have only coded a bit. We
are different games, with different staffs, and different worlds :)

For all of you reading this, I hope you do check Sindome out. Read
our forums, or sign in as a guest and talk to the players on our
OOC-chat. See what they think, and if this reviewer was correct or not
about us.

Hope to see you soon.
-- Slither