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TMC Player Reviews: The Inquisition: Legacy

Review Submitted By: Cattatax
Author Status: Player
Started on The Inquisition: Legacy: 1-2yrs
Submission Date: Mar 3, 2018
TMC Listing: The Inquisition: Legacy

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Cattatax] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

-The Inquisition Legacy is a strange game to unpack.

-The community can be somewhat strange at times, in both good
and bad ways. Though, that somewhat describes the game in its
current iteration. Confused, and without focus on its own subject
matter, and thesis statement.

-Not to say TI:L is devoid of a good experience. On the contrary,
once focus is regained, it's one of the only games that focus RP
that follows the MU(x) approach to offer fulfillment in whatever
concept you go with.


-The central concept is the overwhelming power of the Church,
and the evils it condones. Men and women are burned at the
stake for their own souls. And in theory? Creating a morality
system where a player empathizes with the organization out of a
character belief, rather than going a fedora-tipping atheist? It's
pretty refreshing, honestly. It attracts a crowd that favors
deconstruction, and a high-caliber RP circle that, when kept
around, can provide an amazing experience not found

-The issue, as of the writing of this review, is that this is not how
it's reflected in game. The church is openly questioned in a
setting that would shun you for it . Things deemed as 'sin' are
done in broad daylight with no real weight to any punishment. At
times, it can feel that actions are not only devoid of weight, but
are even things that could be used to vilify you as a player. And
with a game with such a focus on an anti-blackballing culture.
This behavior is allowed to continue, so much so that it's become
an active detriment to enjoyment, or tension. This can also be
seen when OOC pressure is applied to force someone to
overlook an exceedingly poor In-Character reputation.


-From a mechanical standpoint, the baseline for TI:L is very
good. Every trade has a use, and you can be things that
are non-combatant without being lampooned off of the
game. This, is both refreshing, and a sign of good game
design. Almost every single archetype is not only
supported codedly, but is welcome and needed. This
creates an interesting environment, with a constant need
for new players, and a constant need to interact.

-However, the biggest flaw in this scenario is how the
community handles the weight of skills. There are times
when players belittle entire trades and workforces, and
staff decisions not only support this mindset, but weaken
the game's skill ecosystem as a whole.


-The setting of the game itself is the Capitol city of Lithmore
City, in Lithmore. It's a sprawling city with foreign quarters
and the like, an underbelly that is ripe for exploring, and
areas that are well fleshed out in ways that are rarely seen
in these types of games. It has a rich player history all kept
in a very clever system based on player submissions and
staff approval that keep stories alive, long after the players
leave the game.

-The issue, is that the 'scope' made far smaller than what
older players are used to, with very few concessions to
make the change less noticeable. Due to a lack of real
positions for political players, it can be very glaring, when
other players are allowed 'breaks' from the scope, keep
titles that no-one can dispute, or have a history with titles
that can no longer be earned, it can create a sense of
favoritism where it may not really exist.


-The staff of the game are very kind, and approachable, to
newer players. You'll often see that many speak with them
on a regular basis on the OOC chat function in game,
making a very human experience that makes approaching
them with ideas, issues, and overall questions a very easy

-The issue, is that there is a strict non-interference policy.
As such, problems are often not noticed until it's too late,
and several players are affected. It takes a great deal of
unrest to cause attention, let alone action. Which can
cause the feeling that there are OOC biases in favor of
some players more than others.


-There is a great deal of pros and cons to the game itself.
Most can and will be fixed with time, but there are glaring
issues that make this review mixed, rather than positive.
However, in time, maybe I'll eat my words, and the revival
of the focus of the scope at large, and the cessation of
OOC pressures affecting IC actions, will make the game
into something greater.

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