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TMC Player Reviews: Seattle 2064

Review Submitted By: Terris
Author Status: Player
Started on Seattle 2064: March 2018
Submission Date: Mar 3, 2018
TMC Listing: Seattle 2064

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Terris] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

First and foremost, I'll say I didn't stick around long.
Now here are the reasons why:
The MUD looks like a blatant code ripoff of Deckeon, where I did play
for a time.

However, they took all the good parts of Deckeon and sort of tossed
them to the wayside.

It's a MUD, but pretty much all you can do is RP. Now, admittedly RP
earns you karma (Shadowrun's version of XP), and this could be -why-
it was chosen to use an existing MUD's code, but imo, they would have
been better served creating a MUSH.

Additionally, something that was a major turnoff, was that if you're
raising a skill, it can take multiple weeks (possibly even months) to
do. The wording was:

If you raise a skill, you gain that skill immediately, but there's a
timer, and until that timer elapses you cannot gain other skills.

Now, I'm not sure if that timer is RL based, or based on MUD time,
or if there's even a difference. Other people might be okay with
this, but it is definitely not my preference.

Again, this is all just my opinion, but I tried to list first
encounter facts that this opinion was based on.

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