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TMC Player Reviews: Imperium

Review Submitted By: Seanna
Author Status: Player
Started on Imperium: Over a decade ago
Submission Date: Jul 27, 2018
TMC Listing: Imperium

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Seanna] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Whether is womping wemics or strolling the contorting trials of the
Tesseract, you will never be for want for somewhere to adventure on
Imperium. Some areas are built for the solo adventurer other can
handle large groups of multiplaying capped adventurers. Others still
are as of yet, unexplored legends. I have played Imperium for well
over a decade on an off and I have made life long friends and enemies
over the years through roleplay, pkill, romance, and politics. There
is something of everything for the committed player who comes with an
open mind to Imperium. I have had my mettle tested in raids of epic
proportion, invasions, DIKU challenges, pk vendettas, testing combos
of unlikely merit in multiplay(remember you can play up to three
characters at once, and you will find you almost have to play at least
two to succeed, a rarity amongst muds), and just in single player play
you have a huge world to explore spread out over multiple continents-
come prepared to explore! Unparalleled adventure awaits you in this
epic realm, come give it a try- a mudder with 20 years experience is
here to tell you he calls this place home and wouldn't have it any
other way!

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