The Mud Connector

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About The Mud Connector - A somewhat brief introduction to The MUD Connector.
Whats New with TMC - 10-02-2013 - Updates to TMC are reported here.

Mud Listings

Mud Listings

Getting Started with MUDs - Everything you need to know to get started playing your first mud. Our old introduction to mudding is still available.
Add / Edit Mud Listings - We welcome mud administrators and other authorized people to submit their mud. Please feel free to use the online submission system to also update existing listings and send us site changes and other similar requests. TMC Top 10 Muds - TMC now provides statistical rankings of all its listed muds. In addition to the Top 10 you can also check the TMC Top 20, and all mud rankings.
1052 Mud Listings - This is the main Jump Center for the Connector's mud listings. The connections page provides links for all of our alphabetical listings, as well as links for displaying all the listings from any server type of your choice. Links are also available for the Top 20 system.
Search The Mud Connector - In addition to our categorical and browsable mud listings, TMC offers two form-based interfaces to our search engine. The first is our Simple Keyphrase Search which allows you to scan our standard database for the keyphrase of your choice! The second, our Advanced Search, offers a powerful search interface to help you find specific muds based on your preferences. Both search systems can accessed by pointing your browser to the above link.
Graphical MUD Listings and MMORPGs - Are graphical MUDs and MMORPGs more your style? Check out our growing list of games, from freely available to commercial and subscription-based.

Community & Forums

TMC Community & Forums

Register for an Account - Signup today to join TMC as a member. Members are able to vote for their favorites muds, submit mud reviews and participate in the Forums.
Login to TMC - Existing members may login to their accounts here.
Edit Your Profile - Members can use this tool to edit their settings such as discussion summary emails, password and password reminders, etc.
TMC Reviews - TMC has a small review staff which reviews muds upon their request. We currently offer 30+ reviews with more coming in the future.

Articles @ TMC


TMC Articles and Daedalian Musing Column - TMC will now be offering article content to our users, from periodic contributors to works submitted by our users. Our first regular column is now launched, Daedalian Musing provides thought-provoking articles on all manners of game related topics written by Delphine T. Lynx.

Resources @ TMC


The Resource Center - The MUD Connector's resource center offers categorical breakdowns for various resources, a keyword search engine, and a form for allowing our users to suggest new resources for us to add. Have a mud or game related site you want us to link? Visit our resource center and submit it today! Below are some examples of the types of resources you'll find on TMC.

In the Archives


TMC Archives: The Mud of the Month - In the past, the MUD Connector chose a mud each month to showcase as its Mud of the month. For each MotM selection there are interviews with the gods/administrators, a history of the mud, and comments from players. The MotM is currently discontinued.