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    Anorscorner - A site dedicated to help people on the rot based mud AabrismII it has a forum and some downloads.
    Copyright Myths explained - Brad Templeton's web page explains what copyrights are and aren't. Often, MUD creators are in doubt about their rights with regards to their and their admins' work; this site might help.
    Erwin Andreasen's MUD Resources Page - A number of Erwin's code snippets usable in MERC derived MUDs can be found here. Also, mcl - MUD Client for Linux - a small and fast Linux-only client.
    GodWars and Derivatives Web Forum - A Forum for all things GodWars. For Players Immortals Coders, everyone who works and plays in the godwars community. This sites aim is to help EVERYONE old and new. Players of GodWars 95, 96, Deluxe, Lords of War, Dystopia and Vampire Wars.
    Intermud Protocols - A formal description of a wide range of intermud protocols. These specifications were written to help MUD admins implement these protocols.
    MU-Gamers - MU* Gamers is a new mailing list for any and all roleplayers on MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes, MUXes, MOOs, ect. The purpose is mainly for general RP discussion, as well as advertisement of games, character types, ect (please limit your ads). Any theme is fine for posting, but please keep posts PG.
    MUD Items Base - MudIt is a program which will help you to keep the organized records of the equipment for any mud you play.
    MUSTRO Construction Kit and Gaming Environment - MUSTRO is a Graphical MUD. The construction kit is distributed with the gaming environment. Uses two dimensional bird's eye view display. Alpha stage of development(most of final code already exists, but debugging is needed). Source code is open source and freely available. Written entirely in Java(not an applet). Uses Remote Method Invocation. Stand-alone vs Networking transparency. Includes a sprite creation engine package (imagescan) which works with java Graphics objects. Uses System properties to implement platform independence. Theme is dependent on the creator's vision (although swords and sorcery is the primary focus).
    Mink: The MUCK Information Kiosk - Mink is a comprehensive MUCK resource site, featuring The MUCK Manual, The Argo Roleplaying System, Forums, and an extensive archive of downloadable MUF programs. Mud italian web site - Italian site about muds and RPG: news, cheats, code, forum, gossips, artciles, novels.
    Salem's Snippet's Site - Snippets created by Salem for the mud DWB, Mainly for RoT 1.4 and RoM 2.4. Updated Weekly with new snippets every month
    Skotos Article Archives - A collection of over 250 articles about MUDs & MUSHes. Most are about design, but other highlights include engineering articles by Richard Bartle and online industry articles by Jessica Mulligan. Updated daily.
    The CircleMUD Homepage - Jeremy Elson's page containing information about The CircleMUD code base. - is aimed squarely at becoming the one-stop resource site for developers of all types of virtual world.

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