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Ack!Mud Visual Area Editor - AVAE (Ack!Mud Visual Area Editor) is a full featured offline Area Editor for ACK! Area files. It could probably be persuaded to work with other area formats as well as most settings are done in XML. For screenshots and installers/sourcecode, visit the site.
Area Editor for SMAUG and ROM areas - Windows Area Editor for standard SMAUG and ROM areas - uses graphical (GUI) interface to easily add rooms, exits, objects, mobs and resets. Can be customised from configuration file to add extra flags etc. Features "area walkthrough" to simulate playing in the area, "area check" to check for missing links, and cross referencing (see which rooms lead *to* a particular room, for instance).
How to Succeed at Building Without Really Trying - Written for Envy Muds in general, Miracle's outstanding guide is applicable for building on any mud. It is extremely useful for both beginning and experienced builders and includes both OLC and MZF walkthrough examples for each step of the area building process. It also contains numerous tips, hints, and FAQs.
MUD Map Designer - MUD Map Designer - Plot Maps quickly! Export to multiple image types! Easy to use!
Mud Map Designer - Updated to 1.20 recently! Plot Maps quickly using keystrokes! Add labels, auroras, additional lines, floors, etc. Export to multiple image types! Can also record out of game keystrokes to attempt to sync up a game with the map editor! Easy to use!
Nick Gammon's Client and SMAUG/ROM Editor - You may want three entries, one for the area editors, one for the client, and one for the windows pennmush port. Nick is still active, often seen on M*U*S*H, and is responsive to problems and bug reports. -- Sandi
Open Source Diku/Magma MUD Area Editor - DIKU MUD Area Editor is an application used to create Diku/Magma MUD compatible area files. The interface replicates the experience of a MUD but offers graphical editors for areas, rooms, mobiles, items, scripts, shops and quests. Diku Edit was written using C++ and MFC.
Sirak's Muditor - Link to the *BEST* Merc/Envy area building software around. 100% customizable, and runs under DOS. Great software to build your area with!

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