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Wolfpaw Services - Wolfpaw provides MU* hosting services ranging from those needed for a new world, just getting on its feet, all the way to Co-located machines for large worlds. We are one of the Internet's leading MU* hosting providers, hosting over 200 individual games, including Achaea, Aetolia, and Imperian. Our network was designed with text based games in mind, and is fully owned and operated by us. Featuring redundant internet connections, totaling 145 Megabits of bandwidth dedicated only to us, site wide backup power, high security, and 24 hour on call staff to ensure our machines stay running at optimal performance. We want your business. Please feel free to email us and let us know exactly what you need - we will do our best to provide it at the lowest cost possible.

Better game hosting solutions needed for online launches - At ZeroLag, we believe that a great hosting provider is made up of more than state-of-the-art hardware and software; it must also include people with the ability to solve problems and engineer custom solutions to fit the unique needs of its clients. This philosophy is firmly established in our company culture and drives how we operate our business, develop our services, and support our clients. - is a reliable hosting service that allows both MU*, and website hosting in addition to it's original talker hosting. Support is very helpful and informative in all aspects with a willing staff on hand.
ECI Games - ECI Games, simple MUD hosting, nothing fancy.
GenesisMuds - Extremely affordable hosting for mud, moo, mush, and mux games with NO lag. - Linux Mud Hosting with Root Access - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) make the ultimate mud hosting platform. Root Access, Premium Bandwidth, Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware - Starting at $19.95/mo for 64MB RAM, 1GB Disk.
MUD Hosting @ - An interesting site that charges $1/month to host a mud + mud website
SiteGenie Hosting - We do not have our gaming products page listed however we will be promoting a virtual server product that lets you get the security and control of a dedicated server for your mud, websites and anything else you want to put on it for only $99 a month.. This includes 500 megs of hd space, 128 ram and 10 gigs transfer a month... You no longer have to worry about your cpu or memory usage due to normal shared systems or someone from another mud accessing your files, We put YOU in control.
Xidus.Net -- MU* Hosting - Xidus.Net's MU* hosting packages start at $10/mo, or $100/yr. We will provide ANY resource you need to develop or maintain your text-based virtual environment. Installation support with the codebase of your choice, free subdomain/DNS, e-mail, web hosting, player stats, and web-based management interface. Servers are well-stocked (P3-866/256M mem/20G disk) and lightly-loaded, colocated with Above.Net in SJ, CA, with absolutely BLAZING speeds. (visualize multiple OC48s!) Contact for more info and specific availability. - is a service provider specializing in network services and MU* Hosting. MU* hosting includes, but not limited to MUD, MOO, MUSH, and MUX. All services are provided free of charge.

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