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Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes - Amberyl's extensive collection of MUSH listings.
Amberyl's Automated MUSH List - Amberyl's automated listing of MUSHes.
Grim's Mud and Talker List - A dynamic, searchable, reviewable list of talkers, muds, and other online services, with hour-by-hour status reports.
MudVerse - User Submitted List of MUD, MOO and MUSH games.
The MUD Connector - A searchable list with over 1600 text-based mud listings and over 60 graphical mud listings. Reviews, community forums, mud players' directory, and much more!
The Top Mud Sites - A list of the Top Mud sites, voted by the players, and a place to submit articles and discuss anything mud-related.

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